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At Tabled, we carefully package kitchen and dining collections worth celebrating. 


Tabled | Entertaining Made Easy

It all started when...

My mom put me in charge of setting the kitchen table.

Family dinner night on the Dohmen farm was a glass of 2% milk with supper, a serving size of veggies, fruit and meat, no excuses. The setup was almost as important as the meal itself; we weren't ready to eat until I'd placed every utensil, plate and cup in its proper place.

The kitchen table was our board room, our domain. It was our only time to talk together in between feeding the cows, tending the fields, mom's job at the bank, soccer practice and Scholastic book fairs.

I came to covet the time when all the supper decisions would rest on my shoulders. When I'd pick the china and set the table and make mom's famous chicken noodle soup.

I've pretty much been waiting to set my table, and yours, since I was a seven.

I know things have changed since then. I'm just as guilty of lunches on the go, breakfast at my desk, dinner in front of the computer. In fact, it's my main argument for Tabled. Of all the habits to change in a world as busy and connected as ours, a meal at the table is low hanging fruit. It's easy and accessible. You've already got all the tools, you just have to change the setting.

I want Tabled to be a fun, whimsical and inspiring place where you plan your next family dinner night, girls brunch or cocktail party. 

When I design a hot pink sashiko napkin, I see an opportunity for you to set the table for your in-laws. 

When I design an awesome coaster (literally!), I imagine the cocktail you'll place on top if it.

When I make a trivet, I picture your favorite casserole from childhood, comfort food after a long work week.

Tabled is an excuse to cook, to gather and to celebrate. Because every meal should be a small celebration. 



Mel Dohmen, Founder | Tabled