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Five Pretty Ways to Protect your Tabletop


Tabled Talk, Tabled's official blog featuring entertaining etiquette + design tips. 

Five Pretty Ways to Protect your Tabletop

Melissa Dohmen

A beautiful dining room table is the centerpiece to any dining room or kitchen. If you've got it, you want to flaunt it, right? But you also don't want to ruin the tabletop or finish. A tablecloth is often the obvious fix, but they can hide the natural beauty of your table.

Luckily, there are lots of pretty and affordable options for people who want to protect their tabletop and show it off, too. 

1. Table Runner

Tabled Boho Chic Dip Dyed Yellow Table Runner

Table runners are less expensive than tablecloths and provide a little protection in places where hot dishes and drinks can stain. We love our extra long hand-dyed runners -- they're guaranteed to fit almost any size table!

2. Placemats

Tabled Hand Painted Dash Placemats

Placemats provide protective cover no matter how many people come over for supper. The problem with most placemats is that their either fabric, which gets dirty / requires lots of washing or they are cheap plastic, which feel...well, cheap. Our placemats are the perfect fix. Hand-painted canvas provides pattern while the laminated top provides protection and easy clean up.

3. Trivet

Tabled Scandinavian Wood Trivet

If your significant other is anything like mine, then they probably didn't event know what a trivet was until just now. These nifty hot plate protectors were much more common during our mother's time, but we're bringing them back. We love our Scandinavian wood bead trivets. The chunky wood beads provide a fun fashion-forward look; its as pretty as it is functional.

4. Pot Holder

Black and White Patterned Pot Holders | Tabled

If a trivet isn't your style, then why not use an extra pretty pot holder instead. Our grid and stripe patterns make transferring hot dishes from the oven to the table a cinch. 

5. Table Square

Yellow Thatch Table Square & Tea Towel | Tabled

I love this little trick. Don't have placemats, table runners or any of the above? No sweat! Try out this fun little trick. Take an extra large tea towel of your liking and use it as a table square. Place one at a diagonal in the center of the table or use tea towels as placemats with a little drapery over the side of the table.