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Reasons to Celebrate: November


Tabled Talk, Tabled's official blog featuring entertaining etiquette + design tips. 

Reasons to Celebrate: November

Melissa Dohmen

At Tabled, we're all about celebrating Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way: with turkey (or tofurkey) and time spent 'round the table. 

That's why we won't be doing any big Black Friday or Turkey Day deals. Sure, flipping through all the free circulars from the newspaper is a good way to pass time, but there are plenty of other reasons and ways to celebrate the big holiday. Here's just a few of our favorites.

1. Recipes Passed from Generation to Generation

How many times have you had grandma's candied yams or homemade stuffing without ever asking how to make it? This year, bring a few recipe cards and ask her all her trade secrets. Try our printable recipe cards -- they're oh so functional & cute. 

Tabled Free Printable Recipe Card

2. Gift Giving Made Easy

We all want to give and receive gifts that surprise, delight and do some good in the world. Instead of circling deals in your Target flyer, why not try something more fun & interactive? Our 5-question gift-giving quiz will help you find a kitchen gift worth giving.

3. Thank You Notes 

Thank You Notes | Tabled

This year, experiment with different ways to give thanks and say it to the people we love. Set out notecards on the table and have everybody write down with they are most thankful for. Then try out different versions of the "thank you" game. Have everybody write a thank you note to the person seated at their left or right. Or make the hostess feel extra special by writing a note of thanks to them!

4. Tis The Season!

Instagram Your Childhood Ornaments | Tabled

The day after Thanksgiving has long been the day to set up the tree and officially enter Christmas territory. If your family is anything like mine, decorating the tree is more of a trip down memory lane than a designer's delight. My mother still puts up ornaments she collected over our childhood years: a baseball mitt ornament for my brother, a ballerina for me, handmade clay imprints of our hands. Instead of complaining when mom asks you to help assemble the tree, Instagram one of your favorite ornaments from year's past. Make that your new tradition. 

5. Boozy Apple Cider

Boozy Apple Cider | Tabled

Don't get us wrong: Thanksgiving can be stressful. Let some boozy apple cider take the edge off. Our favorite recipe is simple: home-brewed cider and vanilla vodka. Simple pour a shot of vodka in the bottom of your cup and top it off with as much hot cider as you like.

If you need some distractions to keep you from Black Friday I-might-be-missing-out-on-super-deals-I-don't-really-want-or-need anxiety, then no fear: browse our holiday catalog instead and shop away with our best holiday deals:

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