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New Year, New Collection


Tabled Talk, Tabled's official blog featuring entertaining etiquette + design tips. 

New Year, New Collection

Melissa Dohmen

 Our newest product: The Future is Female serving tray.

Our newest product: The Future is Female serving tray.

I've been a little quiet since the holidays. After a couple of great maker markets just before Christmas and some much needed time with friends and family, I've spent the first 15 days of 2017 working on new products and a new collection.

This year has already proven different than the last in that I'm both designing and making everything. Last year, I started Tabled from the road while my fiancee and I were working and living in a travel trailer. We spent the year touring the lower 48 states, which meant I simply didn't have the time and resources to make everything. I did what I could, but sometimes that meant designing and having someone else make it. This year, however, I've been busy at it with my trusted business partner (hi, mom!) and I'm so proud of what we've accomplished at our kitchen table, sewing, knitting, painting and more.

Women Make Policy Not Bread Bag | Tabled

The inspiration for some of our first products this year is one that hit me about a month before I wrapped up my road trip. One thing you miss when traveling 24/7 is a community. You don't get to volunteer regularly at your favorite nonprofit or canvass for elections or engage in the things you care about with the people that surround you. I missed that this year. But it did give me a lot of time to think about what I'm passionate about, what I want to spend time doing whenever and wherever we settle down.

That question of "what I'm passionate about" solidified over the holidays when I met so many amazing female entrepreneurs and customers and friends. When I think about who I make Tabled for, it's a strong, independent, passionate woman. It's a woman that's busy -- working, volunteering, parenting -- and also striving to make the day better for herself and others. It's a woman that is thoughtful, bright and bold. It's a woman that is passionate about her work and also about creating experiences. She solves the world's problems out there and sometimes from the comfort of her kitchen table, with a cup of coffee in hand.

The inspiration is YOU. 

Today, I'm introducing two new products to our web store. One is a serving tray, the phrase "The Future is Female" emblazoned in gold over a white American flag. This original t-shirt design was created in the 70s for the first women's bookstore in NYC. 

 Two new serving tray designs. The phrase is borrowed from a t-shirt design for the first women's bookstore in NYC.

Two new serving tray designs. The phrase is borrowed from a t-shirt design for the first women's bookstore in NYC.

The second is a bread bag. This has been one of our most popular products, and for good reason. If you're like me, baking is a great way to relax, especially in the thick of winter. And who doesn't love carbs? We've updated this with a new design. Inspired by a 1970s ERA button I saw at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR, the phrase "Women Make Policy, Not Bread" is a nod to the women's lib movement. 

I'll be adding more products to this line as we inch toward Women's History Month in March. Until then, know that I'm thinking of you. I hope you feel just as inspired this year as I do. 

Cheers(!) -- Mel