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#HBD Susan B Anthony


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#HBD Susan B Anthony

Melissa Dohmen

Susan B Anthony Birthday | Tabled

#HBD Susan B Anthony! After thumbing through holidays to celebrate this year, Susan's birthday was one of the first I circled.

She was not only a well-known suffragist, but an educator passionate about equal opportunities for all children -- regardless of gender or race -- and helped gain women admittance to Rochester University.

She was an abolitionist who organized meetings and petition drives to help pass the 13th amendment.

She was a women's labor rights activist. She believed women should have equal pay for equal work, and that women should be allowed to own property.

Make no mistake: we've come a long way since Susan's time, but there's still a lot to fight for.

Hell Yes I'm a Feminist Flag Board | Tabled

In honor of Susan's birthday, the rest of this month we're donating $10 from each purchase of the following products to She Should Run, a non-partisan non-profit working to expand the talent pool of future elected female leaders.

  • $10 for each Feminist Flag Board
  • $10 for each Women Make Policy Bread Bag
  • $10 for each #HBD coaster set

Whether you purchase something for yourself, a friend or your congresswoman, you'll be honoring Susan and helping women have a bigger voice in our government. That's the best birthday gift I can think to give Susan.