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Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom


Tabled Talk, Tabled's official blog featuring entertaining etiquette + design tips. 

Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

Melissa Dohmen

The older I get, the more I appreciate how amazing my mother is. At just 19, she and my father started a family (hello, big brother!) on top of tending to a full-fledged farming operation. And ever since I’ve walked the earth, I’ve watched her work multiple jobs to make ends meet, go back to school, compete in road races and triathlons and attend just about every cross country meet and speech team Saturday I could find.  

I’m 30, and I still feel like it's a blessing most days that I remember to eat and walk my dog.  

That's probably why Mother's Day is a holiday I look forward to. Who doesn't love to pamper the one person in the world who is and always will be your mom above all else?

So in the spirit of celebrating moms everywhere – in all the various roles they inhabit on a daily basis – I’ve compiled a Tabled gift list for just about every kind of mom out there. Oh, and did I mention that we'll include a free Mother's Day card with every order between now and 5/14? On top of free shipping? Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.

The “She taught me to be a strong, independent woman” Mom

Let your mom fly her feminist flag all year long with our festive serving trays and bread bags.  

The “How does she have the energy?!” Mom

For the mom who gets up at 5:00am and goes to bed later than you, a good mug rug, you're awesome coaster or candle can go a long way.

The "Is my Mom Cooler than me?!" Mom

If your mom knows what “hygge” is and has said the phrase “chevron is so 2015” then this might be the gift for her.

The “Rosé All Day is my kind of motto” Mom

For the mom who buys an extra bottle of wine when you come home and makes a mean wine spritzer.